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Ministry of Education (BC) - Systemic Mental and Sexual Abuse in Public School 2022-01-28Pierre Barns, Abbotsford, Ministry of Education
Chilliwack School District - Books Concerns 2022-06-07Pierre Barns, Chilliwack
Waterloo School District - Books Concerns 2022-06-08Pierre Barns, Waterloo
Halton School District - Books Concern 2022-06-20Pierre Barns, Halton
Abbotsford School District - Concern About Sexually Explicit Material in Books 2022-06-27Pierre Barns, Abbotsford
Abbotsford School District - A Message from Superintendent Nosek 2023-09-19Pierre Barns, Abbotsford, Sean Nozek
Abbotsford School District - Eugene Reimer Middle School - Michael Nomellini 2023-09-27Pierre Barns, Abbotsford, Michael Nomellini, Nathan Ngieng
Abbotsford School District - Building Safe, Caring & Inclusive Schools 2023-10-10Pierre Barns, Abbotsford, Sean Nozek, Korny Neufeld